Affiliate Broker

Crye-Leike, Realtors | Clarksville, Tennessee | March 2015 to current

  • Successfully assisted home owners sell their home by creating sales sheets, marketing on my personal website as well as with Facebook Ads.
  • Assisted home buyers with purchasing their home and ensuring all steps were understood from the mortgage process, to the home inspection, to closing day.
  • Communications is a large aspect of Real Estate and a rule I stay true to today, just as much as always do diligence by all parties.

Creative Examples:

Email designed for listing in MailChimp.

“You remind me of my nephew with his woodworking business. His attention to detail and expertise remind me of the way you work with your clients. You both aim to please and do not disappoint.” – Sally C.

“You know you’re amazing right? Really though! Thank you forever and ever! You can’t even imagine what a help you have been. We were so lucky to have had you as our Realtor! Thank you a ton!” – Katrina R.

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